Staffing Services

Additional Services

Professionalism - Medical Temporaries wants our employees to represent your facility as if it were our own. We rate all applicants on their professionalism and overall presentation because we think that the way a person presents themselves in the interview can tell a lot about their work ethic. Our staffing specialists can share this information with you.

References - We attempt to acquire detailed information on all employees from past employers with regards to work performance, attitude, reliability and clinical skills.

Background Checks - We perform criminal, sex offender checks and OIG searches on all applicants.

Drug Screening - Pre-employment drug screens are performed on an as-needed basis and random tests are done quarterly.

Occupational Health Screening including PPD, MMR and Varicella Titers upon request. We will comply with any client's occupational health requirements.

E-Verify -  We use E-verify, the internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States.

Payroll Service

If you've found a candidate who is perfect for a position in your facility but don't have the authorization or simply aren't ready to make the commitment of hiring a new employee yet, you can send them to register with us and they can work at your facility on our payroll until you are ready to transition them as a permanent employee.      

Government Staffing

Awarded "Women-Owned Business of the Year" for "Excellent service during the performance of a medical staffing contract for the City."

As a eVA vendor who is SWAM Certified, we staff many state and city government facilities.

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